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Case Mail Records are USPS address verified (CASS), Move Updated (NCOA), duplicate free and were filed the prior business day. Case Mail provides extensive filters which include Offenses, Race, Sex, City, State or Zip Code.  We also break down files so you can have counties seperated or combined by such filters.  Based on your advertisements, Case Mail caters to you so you can easily produce your mail or have us produce it for you.  Files are available by 10:00 am each morning.  If you ever need to change filters, just contact us and the change will be made within 24 hours.   

Ability to Limit Cases (CAP)

Case Mail can limit your cases per week.  You just let us know what you want the CAP to be.  This is very common practice in large counties where thousands of new cases are being created each week.

Know What You Are Getting!

Your monthly invoice will display the amount of cases you received and what types of cases they are (i.e., DWI, DWLR, etc.).