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All Inclusive Mail Service

Case Mail will make your marketing completely effortless when it does the mail for you.

Custom Advertisements

Case Mail provides a variety of Advertisments available for our customers.  We produce single or multi-page ads.  We can also provide inserts or waivers.  We provide color printing and color printing on your envelopes come standard with our service.

Filter Specific Advertisements

Many of our customers have more than 1 letter.  For example, mail a DWI letter to DWI Cases. Mail a Spanish letter to Hispanic Offenders. Mail an Infraction letter to Infraction Only Cases and so on.

Limit Your Advertisements Per Week (CAP)

Looking to stay on a particular budget, we will mail an exact number of letters per week for you. For example, if you only want to target 100 specific cases per week, we can do that for you. Case Mail is the most flexible and cost-effective service available.