Case SearchCase Search

Access criminal records from all 50 states. National Criminal Records. Your source for Background Checks.

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Case AlertCase Alert

Monitor anyone or even an address for criminal activity in NC. Completely private. Nobody will know you're doing it.

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Case DriverCase Driver

Case Driver provides users with access to driving records or motor vehicle reports (MVR) from all 50 states.

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Case CodeCase Code

Case Code allows you to lookup your case details & helps simplify the legal process. Enter your Case Code here:


Case Mail Case Mail

Case Mail is a marketing service for legal professionals. Attorneys and Health Counselors benefit from this service, as it brings new clients to their doorstep everyday. More about Case Mail

Case Green Screen Case Green Screen

NC mainframe instant access in real time. For each login session you create, a report is stored automatically and your screen usage is displayed. More about Case Green Screen